Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Book Recital

On Saturday Christa and Lexi will have a their Suzuki "Book" Recital.  It's Suzuki tradition to have a recital performing all of the works in a particular volume when those pieces are mastered. Lexi completed Book 3 cello about 3 months ago, and Christa is finishing Book 8 Violin, so we are hosting a performance for them at Dunkley's at 5:30 pm on June 20th.  You are all invited to join us to celebrate their year of hard work and the joy of music in our lives!

One more thing I should have added on my list of things I've learned this month:  
-Small busted women are in the minority in this day and age, as evidenced by the difficulty in finding a bra that fits.


Cindy Lou said...

As for your bra problem, I have two words that will change the life of your Girls forever: Victoria's Secret.

Chad and Teri said...

Bras and swimsuits... that has been my problem this year.

Karianne said...

Ha ha. You could always get implants. That's awesome that the girls are doing so well in music. I wish I could come to the recital!

Wendy and Will said...

try shopping in the kids section. they have some good training bras that should fit.