Friday, July 2, 2010

My Front Door

This post is way overdue, but I still have to write it.  Since we first started building our house, Ryan wanted to build the front door himself.  The idea came from an Amish tradition where the husband would build the front door in anticipation of his marriage.  He had some beautiful walnut wood that came from a tree that was on one of the original homesteads here in Dry Creek Valley.   There were so many projects going on when we moved in that the door just didn't happen.  We put some boards up over our main entrance and just went on.  But our mortgage company withheld a portion of our funds in escrow until we completed the door, as well as several other items that weren't essential for living, but certainly kept the house unfinished. I patiently waited without trying to be too nagging for our front door.  The mortgage company said our deadline was April 30th. By April 30th I had a frame for the front door, but still no actual door to put in there.  We were able to get extensions from the bank, and I kept telling Ryan the deadline was 3 days away, and he put in many almost all-nighters, and by the end of May I actually had a front door hung.  It still needs a couple of coats of finish, and the actual art glass that will go in the windows of the door, but it's beautiful, and it makes the house look more finished.  Ryan does some amazing woodwork-he just doesn't like to be on a timeline.  Now can we talk about bookshelves . . 


Sarah said...

It's absolutely beautiful, Kelli! Worth the wait! And I'm so excited to hear more about the chickens!!

Nita said...

Great craftsmanship Ryan! Worth the wait for sure but I can understand about the frustration especially if it's the bank giving you a timeline! Thanks for sharing!

eastcoastjen said...

Amazing work Ryan did on your front door. It is beautiful. Can't wait to see it with the art glass installed!