Friday, January 14, 2011


These are our lovebirds, Mango and Bronco.  They joined our family about 6 months ago.  Mostly they are noisy and messy, but we do occasionally enjoy taking them out of their cage and talking to them and trying to teach them to say a few words, without success so far.  You can't see so well from this picture, but Bronco has more orange on his cheeks, so he was named in honor of the Boise State mascot, their colors being blue and orange.  
The other day Ryan was eating a mango we received in a Christmas gift basket. Paisley and a couple of the other girls were in the room and some of them were asking if they could taste the mango.  Paisley said, "Dad, are you going to eat Bronco, too?"  We laughed.  A while later Ryan went in the sun room, and found Paisley staring into the lovebird cage.  She said, with surprise and gladness, "Mango! You are still alive!"  It's so cute to see how little not-quite-3-year-old brains put information together!

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Erin L said...

haha! Paisley. Ana is a little jealous of all your pets. She's been begging for a puppy for months!