Tuesday, February 22, 2011

50 States!

One day Ryan and I counted the number of states we have visited over our lives.  About the time we moved here, we were up to 47 for me and 46 for him.  Then we visited Alaska and Hawaii together and were tied at 48 states.  Just Alabama and Mississippi to go.  They have been the last two on our list for about 3 years.  A couple of weeks ago Ryan had a conference scheduled in New Orleans, so we decided to take one morning while we were down there and check off our last two states.  It's just over 2 hours from New Orleans, across the Gulf Coast of Mississippi, and into Alabama.  The Mississippi Coast is really beautiful, even in February when it was way too cold to enjoy the beach.  We had brunch at the Spot of Tea restaurant in Mobile, Alabama, listed in their "100 Things to Eat in Alabama Before You Die" brochure that we picked up at the visitor's information rest stop at the border.

As we drove it was fun to talk about what we remember from our visits to each of the other 48 states.  It is so fun to have that perspective on our nation and to have a visual image of so many different places we have been.  There are beautiful and amazing things to love in every place we have been.  What a great country!

Next travel goal: Visiting all 7 continents over the next 7 years.


Erin L said...

that is awesome! That is one of our goals too. Its amazing how varied and beautiful this country of ours is.

becky said...

How fun! We're glad we could be with you in several of those states. I think we'll skip Antarctica, though.