Monday, May 2, 2011

Sweet Sixteen

Today miss Christa celebrates her 16th birthday.  I don't know how I have a 16 year old living in my house and calling me mom, since I'm only 22 myself, but that's one of the mysteries of life I guess.  So today I get to let her know (and everyone else), how amazing Christa really is.  
--She has perfect pitch and an amazing ability to play music by ear and create her own harmonies when singing
--She plays piano and violin so beautifully.  I love to listen to her practice.
--She is so smart and does really well in school. AP Chemistry and AP Calculus exams are this week!  All her teachers are so impressed with her consistent great performance.
--She chooses great friends, and is pretty sociable 
--She makes her bed every day
--She does whatever she is asked to do to help around the house
--She has an appreciation for all types of music
--She is very goal-oriented and focused when she has her sights set on achieving something
--She runs to keep herself in good shape physically
--She is the household grammar police and we frequently has discussions about proper verb tense or dangling participles (in English or in Spanish)
--She is beautiful
--She is pretty humble about her accomplishments
--She knows and loves the scriptures and is very involved in church activities, and keeps high moral standards
--She is a great example to her younger sisters, and tolerates their little-sister-ness
--She is willing to try new things
--She is extremely dependable in so many aspects of her life
Thanks for being a part of our lives, Christa, and thanks for teaching us all so much!  We love you!!  Happy Sweet 16!


eastcoastjen said...

Beautiful, smart, talented....I wouldn't expect anything less coming from such an amazing mom! Happy Sweet One, Christa! And Love you Kelli!

lori said...

She really is amazing. Just like her mom!

Christa said...

Dear Mom,
I just noticed that you have one or two grammar the bullet point talking about grammar. Intentional? If so, it's forgivable. If not...well I won't disown you. But ironic? Very.
Love, Christa (: