Sunday, June 15, 2008


Lexi has always been a pretty easy going kid. She is a great helper and does what she is asked without complaining or talking back. She is great with Paisley and very patient to hold her when I'm trying to get something done. She loves music and will often walk by the piano and play a little bit of some piece and taught herself several songs before she was even taking piano lessons. She switched to the cello after taking violin for about 5 years, and has really picked it up quickly. We really love to hear that cello. She recently was accepted into the Treasure Valley Math and Science Center and is excited to begin her school work there next year. She was a bit bored this past year in school, so it should be a good challenge. She enjoys all kids of sports and has a goal to run a 1/2 marathon someday when she is just a bit older. This summer one of our projects is to walk and jog together. We haven't really started yet because she has been having early swim lessons, but this week we hope to get running a few days a week. It's a good motivation for me. Lexi also loves to do crafts and has even had her own crafting business. Lexi is a great example to all of her sisters and we love her lots.

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