Monday, June 9, 2008


Christa turned 13 a month ago and boy do we know it. She spends much more time with friends and wants to stay up late every night. She is so very conscientious and self-motivated. It makes it very easy to parent in so many ways I feel spoiled that she is such a great kid. She is extremely bright and talented and is interested in everything and wants to be involved in everything. She plays piano and violin and sings. She loves making songs on Garage Band and emailing her friends. She's in the Treasure Valley Math and Science Center program and has been at the top of her class for 2 years in a row there. She reads her scriptures and writes in her journal and works on her Personal Progress faithfully, without being reminded. She is helpful with her sisters, especially Anya and Paisley. She is a voracious reader and she has perfect pitch. That's just a bit about Christa. We love her.

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