Thursday, July 10, 2008


We returned on the 4th of July from a week Alaska. . . It's an amazing place. If you know the view of the Tetons from Jenny Lake, or standing at Redfish and looking up at the Sawtooths. Imagine that for hundreds and hundreds of miles around. We got pretty close to a couple of glaciers and lots of icebergs. We had porpoises running along with our boat. We saw sea lions and seals and sea otters and whales breaching and playing and a little black bear on shore. There are waterfalls and eagles soaring everywhere you look. The fishing wasn't as great as it could have been but we still came home with plenty of fish, mostly halibut, and Sierra's pole landed a good sized King Salmon. We also caught quite a bit of rockfish, of which there are many varieties. All of the girls had a great time fishing. Christa pulled up a 75 lb halibut herself. (The boat captain helped her actually get it into the boat with the gaffing hook, but she reeled it in without help.) There was one morning that was a bit choppy and some of us felt a little queezy, but otherwise there was no real sea-sickness. Put it on your list of things to do before you die.

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Anonymous said...

That looks like a blast. You have such a cute family I love all the pictures you guys took. I will definatly put that on my list of things to do!