Sunday, July 27, 2008

A week in the life

We were actually at home this whole week. Well, at home is a relative term. We didn't travel by plane or car outside of Boise, anyway. Lexi, Emma, and Sierra had a YMCA sports camp every day from 9-1. They got to go swimming and rock climbing played all sorts of fun games, and they could walk down to the school for it, which was even nicer for me. Anya had Sleeping Beauty ballet camp in the mornings, which she loved. She goes to a studio right here in our neighborhood, which is so convenient. I thought I would get tons done with everyone gone in the morning, but of course Paisley is plenty time consuming herself. We had violin lessons, and group violin and a meeting about next year's Suzuki institute, and I went to lunch with a friend. I did get through a stack of paperwork, so I feel good about that for a week. Paisley has been a bit more fussy lately, with 4 top teeth on their way through. She drools constantly and chews on everything. She also really figured out how to army crawl this week. If she sees something she wants, she can get to it pretty quickly. It won't be long before she's on all fours. She can sit for a minute or two without any help, but still tips pretty easily. I started her on rice cereal, which she seems to like. I talked to a couple of my sisters and they told me about different projects they are working on and it really made me want to do some sort of crafty project. I always enjoy working on something that gives a sense of accomplishment and completion. Housework doesn't qualify, because that is never ending. I do need to start thinking about a dress for Sierra's baptism. Maybe I'll actually start on that sooner than the week before.

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Anonymous said...

That is so cute that Paisley is doing so much. How fun! Sounds like your staying crazy busy. I agree completly with the bedtime post what a hard part of the day. Alyssa is so excited to come and stay with you guys thanks a million for having her.