Thursday, October 9, 2008


The girls had a couple of extra days off of school so we decided to head to Disneyland.  None of us had ever been before.  We went to Disney World about 5 1/2 years ago when we were still living in NYC.  Anya was the most excited of anyone.  She asked every day when she was going to meet Minnie.  She drew lots of pictures, and made everyone else draw pictures, of Minnie.  Everyone traveled well.  We stayed at the Marriott a couple of miles down the road from the Disney complex.  We wore ourselves out riding rides and meeting characters.  The first night the fireworks were canceled because it was somewhat overcast, but we got to see them the second night.  Anya wanted to visit Minnie each day.  I was surprised that she was more interested in Minnie Mouse than the Princesses, although we did see them as well.  California Adventure was also great.  We all loved the California Screamin roller coaster.  Christa, Lexi, Emma and Ryan did the Tower of Terror.  It lived up to it's name for Emma.  The others went back, but she hated it.  Sierra really liked the roller coasters and was pretty adventurous in trying new rides.  Anya liked anything that didn't go in the dark.  Paisley was pretty good in her Baby Bjorn and stroller.  On the ride back to the airport, our shuttle driver started asking us about religion and we were able to tell him about our living prophet on earth.  He was pretty fascinated by that concept.  We left him with a Book of Mormon that Christa had brought along, as well as our email address.   


Chad and Teri said...

so fun for you all!! Great pictures. Glad everything went so well.

Anonymous said...

Looks like you all had a great time. You were their the same time as my brother and his family. They just decided spur of the moment to go.
I love all the pictures with the princesses. Perfect for a family full of them!

Cindy Lou said...

I love Disneyland! I'm kind of bitter that you didn't invite me. ;)