Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Birthday to Emma!

The 29th was Emma's 10th birthday. So exciting to be double digits! She had a family birthday this year. Her favorite gift she received was several rolls of duct tape in all different colors. She is excited to make all sorts of crafty things from duct tape. A few things we love about Emma:
--She is incredibly sensitive to what is going on around her.
--She is very observant and often knows where a missing item is located.
--She loves to sing.
--She is taking piano lessons and is almost caught up with Lexi.
--She is quite photogenic.
--She is meticulous about any project she is working on-very detail oriented.
--Her best subject at school is probably spelling, but she does well in all of her subjects.
Thanks for being such a sweet big sister and little sister, Emma. We love you!

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Wendy and Will said...

i don't know of any kid who wanted duct tape for their birthday, let alone a girl who wanted it.