Thursday, January 22, 2009

No news is good news . . .

Things have been the usual crazy busy around here since Christmas.  We had various family members here visiting for most of the 2 weeks starting at New Year's (thanks for all your help!).  We love being close enough to have family come visit, after spending the first 12 years of married life at least 1200 miles away from family.  Just as we were getting back into the swing of things, the girls had a couple of days off school for the end of the semester, and for MLK day (or whatever we call this holiday in the middle of January now).  Paisley is walking all over the place now, and wins the prize for the youngest walker of all the girls.  She is also starting to say a few words-Hi, Momma, Dadda, juice, and some form of Lexi.  She is getting to be a little mimic and has quite an opinion about lots of things.  She really fast at emptying my bathroom cabinets and the plastic dishware cabinet.  She recently had a bout of thrush, which resulted in her being weaned (happy day and sad day), and a course of Nystatin. That seems to be mostly resolved now.  We have decided to homeschool Emma for the remainder of the school year.  Though she has been performing at the top of her class academically, she just wasn't loving the school experience.  We have a great curriculum that makes it pretty easy for me to manage and for her to be mostly independent in the day to day learning activities.  She will still go down to HSCS for PE and a few other specials with her old class.  She is excited for the change.  Christa started basketball.  She was picked for the 8th grade varsity team and is really improving, especially in her shooting abilities.  Her first game is tomorrow.  Go Grizzlies!  Our house is coming along, and we're just trying to keep up with all the decisions about windows and bathtubs and where we want light fixtures.  It's never-ending, but in a mostly fun way.  We have been in an inversion for nearly 2 weeks straight, and I am more than ready to see some sun!  They say maybe this weekend.  I got a new computer and imported all my photos, but somehow they came through duplicated and unorganized, so there's a new project, in case I don't have enough on my to-do list.  I enjoy those kinds of projects, though. They just come out of my sleep.  

These pictures are just random shots from the last month.
Aarggh matey! Anya the sleeping pirate

Almost a toddler

Bad hair day

Trying out my new makeup kit from Grandma


Quinn said...

Boy do I so hear you! I feel like I never get enough sleep and the projects are never ending... but I love my projects too.

Anonymous said...

Cute pictures. Sounds like life is going great.

Quinn said...

Just checking for something new. I love the valentine background.

becky said...

What a busy, happy life. You two are such great parents, it's no shock that your kids are accomplishing so much.