Friday, December 26, 2008

The Year in Review!

I finally got our Christmas cards sent out, better late than never.  Thanks to all of you who sent pictures or cards or whatever sort of update on your lives.  We LOVE getting Christmas cards.  I put all of them up on our wall and the girls ask about who everyone is and how we know them and "Who is my age?"  It's so fun to tell them about all of our wonderful friends we have collected over the years in the various places we have lived.  You continue to bless our lives even though we don't see you very often.  I put our blog address our little picture Christmas card, so for those of you just tuning in, I thought I'd give a brief summary of the year and the girls.  
We have our first teenager in the house-Christa turned 13 in May.  She has been busy, busy, busy with school (Treasure Valley Math and Science Center, and Riverglen Junior High), violin, piano, volleyball, and Young Women activities.  She loves being involved. She got braces a few weeks ago.  She is still a bookworm, though reading usually comes out of her sleep.  She is in choir this year and loves making up harmonies to songs.  
Alexis is super excited to be turning 12 in February.  She also started at the Math and Science Center, and goes to Hidden Springs Charter school for the other 1/2 of the day.  She is playing cello and piano and school basketball. She started babysitting and loves earning her own money.  Paisley loves Lexi as her second Mom!
Emma turned 10 in October.  She is also taking piano lessons and is doing well in school.  She loves working with Ryan on wood projects in the garage and is looking forward to finishing her kayak in the next year.
Sierra turned 8 in October and was baptized a member of our church.  We are so proud of her for making this decision.  Her school teacher is incredibly energetic and really brings out the best in Sierra.  Her class was involved in a Food drive in November and Sierra could hardly leave for school without taking 3 or 4 cans from our food storage.  She played soccer in the spring, and was the fastest girl on the field!
Anya loves preschool and is our little drama queen.  She started violin lessons and loves to think about and talk about playing the violin, though she doesn't always love actually practicing.  Christa is working with her on this and it's fun to see them work together. She loves the American Girls doll Kit, and had her hair cut so that she could look just like Kit.  (Until she decided to cut it herself last week.  See previous post.)  She is also taking ballet and loves dancing around the house when one of the girls is playing piano.  
The highlight of our year was the addition of Paisley to our family.  She was born February 2, on a cold and snowy morning.  She is a generally happy baby and we all adore her.  Even with our 6th, I am constantly amazed at how she grows and changes daily. She is saying her first words and taking her first steps.  
Ryan's practice continues to grow and he is enjoying his work.  He was able to take a few days off to go to the Boundary Waters in northern Minnesota this fall, with several friends, for some much needed guy time.  He also spent a couple of weeks in Portland learning how to build a guitar and always has several woodworking projects at various stages of completion.  He also enjoyed experiencing Alaska with the rest of the family this year.  
I'm just trying to keep everyone where they need to be and keep the household, and Ryan's practice, running smoothly.  
We had two kittens and a new puppy join our family and they keep Ryan company in the garage.  We had to put our old cat, Mouser, to sleep this summer and we miss her.  
A few of our adventures include our family reunion in Eastern Idaho, a week in Alaska, a quick trip to Disneyland, a conference in Victoria, BC, as well as camping and canoeing around Boise.
We are grateful for the many blessings which we have enjoyed this year, especially for our relationships with each other, with you, and with our Savior, Jesus Christ.  We hope this year has been a good one for you and yours as well.  Keep in touch! 

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Sounds like yo all had a great year. I love the nativity picture from Christmas. What a great idea.