Friday, December 26, 2008


I guess it was inevitable.   Anya has been telling me she wanted "vangs" in her hair for weeks.  She got a bit impatient waiting for me to take her to our friend that usually cuts the girls' hair for me, and took matters into her own hands. Hands with scissors that is.   She now has very short "vangs" right in front, as well as some nice side layers.  She wasn't looking in the mirror when she did it and I gave her a bath and then she combed her own hair after.  That's when she realized this was not how she planned it.  "It's not beautiful!" she cried.  Well, she's right about that.  She asked me to fix it  and I tried to explain that cutting it shorter would not actually fix it, but that we have to wait for it to grow.   At least she likes wearing headbands, because she will be wearing a very wide one on the front of her head every day for the next several months, I guess.  

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