Sunday, September 20, 2009


Birthday Girl



4th of July with the Freis

Dr. Cole and Dr. Cole

Shoshone Falls

Paisley dressing herself

First Day of School

Christa and Friends at Music Camp


Quinn said...

I think the picture that caught my eye the most was Dr. Cole and Dr. Cole, what were they doing? It looks like some kind of info booth?? The other one was the 4th picture with your friends. My heart went out to the lone boy in the picture - one boy of 13 kids, those are some pretty bad odds! Whose house are you sitting in front of?

jezebel said...

hey kelli!
I love reading your blog and seeing pictures of the recent happenings. i hope everything is still going strong with the house and that your move won't be too bad into the new place. can't wait to come back down for a visit!

eastcoastjen said...

I enjoyed the pics- What cute girls! I think Dr. Cole an Dr. Cole have a bright future as soon as they grow into their lab coats!

Kelli said...

Lexi and Emma were sitting at Ryan's booth at the Pacific Northwest Dermatology conference, where Ryan was taking some continuing ed hours, and convincing a few more regional doctors that we should be their pathology service.
The house in the huge group picture belongs to the sister the other dad in the picture, in Idaho Falls. We were all good friends in Minnesota, and they were out visiting family and we were over on that side of the state for the weekend.