Sunday, December 6, 2009

Fall update

My girls remind me regularly that I need to update our blog. Yes, I do. It's been a crazy few months. I don't think I've even downloaded pictures off our camera since my last post. Can I even find the camera at this point? Here's the overview:
Oct. 18: Sierra's 9th birthday. Emma was so sweet and put together a surprise party for her.
Oct. 29: Emma's 11th birthday.
Oct. 31: Halloween
Also Oct 31: Moved out of rental house while Ryan was away in Chicago at a business meeting.
Nov. 1: Went to Pocatello to see my brother who was in town for 2 days before deploying to Iraq this month.
Nov. 2-20: Stayed in another rental. Ryan was over at our new place every night until 1 or 2 am trying to get it livable.
Nov. 19: Paisley sick with the stomach flu.
Nov. 20: Ready or not, here we come. We moved into our new house, on the condition that the plumbers turn on hot water for us that day, which they did. But the electricians shut off the circuit to the heat and we didn't have heat until Sunday. Thanks goodness for the wood-burning stove.
Nov. 20: Sierra, Anya, Christa and Mom up all night with the stomach flu.
Nov. 22: Lexi and Ryan up all night with the stomach flu.
Nov. 24: My sister Karianne came over to help me get a few things unpacked.
Nov. 26: Thanksgiving, with 3 more sisters here with their families and my parents, here at our new house. They all went home with the stomach flu as well.
Nov. 30: We actually closed the mortgage on our house.
We are grateful to be here, but still LOTS of work to be done (a front door before Christmas would be nice). Yes, my husband is a compulsive perfectionist, who believes that if it's going to be done correctly, he has to do it himself. Lots of boxes to unpack as I figure out how to arrange things.
December 4: Girls played piano in Christmas recital
December 5: Christa performed a Mozart and Mendelssohn concerto in a solo recital.
So, that's been our life for the last couple months. Kind of crazy, but good crazy. I am getting a bit tired of "Mom, do you know where . . . is?" Some days I feel like I spend 1/2 the day just finding things for people around here. It's nice to know I don't have to move again for a long while. Paisley is into the full blown 2 year old stage, complete with tantrums and screaming fits, alternating with complete cuteness, like when she points out the Christmas lights with a big "WOW!" Anya loves her preschool, and lots of playdates with friends. Sierra is so excited about making everyone's Christmas presents and started Irish dance this fall, along with Emma and Anya. She also had a great soccer season. Emma is really enjoying playing viola in the school orchestra, and is really picking it up quickly. Lexi has the lead role in the school play coming up in February, had an awesome cross country season, and is on student council. Christa is also in the school play, also on student council, played on the 9th grade varsity volleyball team, and is still keeping up with violin, piano, and her AP Physics class. Plus she's officially old enough for driver's ed, although that will have to wait a couple of months.
Now to think about Christmas, if I can find any decorations.
I'll try to find my camera to add some pictures of all this excitement! Happy December.


Nita said...

Well Kel you sure have had quite a busy last couple of months! Hopefully everyone is over the flu now, that certainly isn't fun! Someday I want to get down there to visit you all! If/when you get back to Seattle let me know! Love you babe! Can't wait to see pics of the new house! A front door would be a bonus for sure, but it is going to be gorgeous and Ryan always does such a good job on his projects!

Quinn said...

oohhhh, YUCK! Stomach flu and moving and temporary living arrangements all YUCK! We finally have a move date on our new house too. We will be moving the entire month of March. (There is a month overlap so, I will take the time and not do everything on one weekend. Has its pros and cons of course. Enjoy being in your new home!!

becky said...

Wow--you have been busy! I'm sorry about the flu. Yuck. But the new house thing is great. I hope I get to see it someday. Post some pics!