Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Hi!  I'm Paisley and I am 2 1/2.   Some moments I am so cute and sweet and lovable, and other moments I am wild and completely out of control.   My vocabulary is increasing daily and I love to mimic what I hear other people say.  Two of my favorite expressions are:  "Bad Baby!" (I say this whenever someone else, including Mom, does something I don't like) and "I love YOU."  (I just learned that this is a great way to melt daddy's heart and get whatever treat he has that I want.)   Everyone is also entertained by my gangster "What What" or "Peace Out" complete with appropriate body language.  I want to be like the big girls and follow them around trying to do what they do constantly.   I recently learned how to use the big girl potty and can keep my Cinderella panties dry all day and all night!  Yeah for Mom-no more diapers.  The girls just spent a week at music camp and whenever someone asks me what I want to play when I grow up, I tell them "I play BASS!-A tiny one"  I really like to read books and I love our new puppies, Sugar and Snap.  I don't want to take naps, but if we are in the car after 4 pm, or if the TV gets turned on in the late afternoon, I am sure to fall asleep, and then I will be up until 11:00 or so.  I love  "Lella" and any other princesses, and I love coloring with markers, especially on my hands and legs and some hidden corner of the wall or cabinet.  I have snipped my own hair at least 3 times already.  I love playing outside, and would spend all day in the swings if I could.  I pretty much know that I am in charge around here.  It's great!!  

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