Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Football Season

I have to admit it . . . I LOVE college football.  I'm not a fanatic about it, but I really do enjoy a good game.  I have loved it since I was 11 and my dad would take us to the Air Force Academy games (he taught there for 4 years) and we would watch the cadets all run down on the field to do push-ups when they scored, and my 6th grade teacher was the wife of one of the coaches and we would make posters for the team to put up in the locker room.  I loved going to the games, even when one time my sister threw up when we were stuck in traffic and there were several of us crammed in the back of my dad's old Monte Carlo.  At BYU, my roommates and I camped out for tickets and I don't think I ever missed a home game in the 4 years I was there.  One roommate was a HUGE Ty Detmer fan and would wear her #14 jersey and paint her face blue.  Her dream was to toss the football around with Ty, and I think she realized that dream during that 1990 year when he won the Heisman trophy.  I was there cheering at the top of my lungs 20 years ago this week, when we beat Miami, a highly ranked team that year.  It has been fun to be in Boise during such great years for Boise State, even though we haven't made it to many live games.  I love seeing the highlights for all the good games on College Football Saturdays.   I keep an ESPN app on my phone to track the  top 25 teams (especially when BSU and/or BYU are in the top 25).  This was a great weekend for my teams.  We were able to go to Provo and watch BYU play, and there's nothing like being in the stands when they win.  We watched the BSU game here at home.  Both teams gave me a few new gray hairs by waiting to the last 2 minutes of their respective games to pull out their lead.  I get way to anxious when things are that close.  I didn't see the Air Force game, but their offense put 65 points on the board, and they play BYU next weekend.  Yeah for fall and College Football!!
On a related note . . . We dropped Christa off on Friday night at her first High School football game.  I just about cried.  It was one of those weird moments where I all of a sudden felt much older.  I sometimes feel like I should be the one walking into the stadium as a student, not my child.  Strange.


Karianne said...

Wow. I did not know this about you. I'm not usually that into footballl, but I like to watch a game now and then. I am kind of excited to see how Boise State does this year.

Erin L said...

we get pretty into this too. I forgot about the BSU game, as Dave was over at the neighbor's house studying, but he informed me that he paused the study session to watch the last quarter live. What a finish!

Chad and Teri said...

We love BYU football. The University of Wyoming team stinks (although they somehow managed to go to a bowl game last year). But we also love going to the high school football games here. We know a few kids who play, so its fun to see them and their families. I totally know what you mean about part of you feeling like you should be the student. It totally brings back so many memories!