Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Birthday Girl

Anya turned 6 a couple of weeks ago.  We had to sqeeze in cake and ice cream between piano lessons and back to school night, but we got to sing and open presents.  She really wanted to go ice skating for her birthday, so that is still on the to-do list when we have a day to get to IceWorld. There wasn't really anything she wanted, other than to shove her face in pie.  For months whenever Anya gets excited about something, she says, "I think I want to shove my face in pie."  Where she got this idea, I don't really know, but we promised her that on her birthday she could make that dream a reality.  We made a delicious Jello pudding cream pie, and after opening present, she got to shove her own face in it.  Crazy girl. Six things we love about Anya:  She is adventurous and willing to try new things. She loves to read to me and with me.  She is a good big sister to Paisley.  She loves music-both playing it and listening or dancing to it.  She remembers to say her prayers every night.  She loves making new friends. 
This past weekend she went to Utah with Uncle Andrew and visited grandma and cousins there. Our family definitely noticed how much she was missed.  We love you, Anya!  

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Isaac said...

I love the pie in the face! Best Birthday present ever! What a great kid.