Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Birthday Girl

September and October are busy birthday months in the Cole home.  Anya celebrated birthday #7 this year.  Some things we love about Anya:
She is a super nice friend and loves to be social.
She has great fashion sense.
She remembers to say her prayers every night.
She has really taken off with her reading in the last 6 months and works hard in school!
She loves all different kinds of music.
She gets up without a fuss every morning, and goes to bed without a fuss as well.
She is enjoying her first season of soccer and is a great team player.

This is a very excited kid on her first day of first grade.  In other exciting news this week, she had another first day . . . of second grade.  Toward the end of kindergarten, we started talking with her teacher and the principal about the possibility of skipping Anya up a grade.  After getting used to first grade routines and everything, we decided the time was right to move her on up.   She was even more excited today than when school started I think.  So she is now my big 2nd grader! We love our miss Anya!

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