Monday, September 5, 2011


We had many, many fun adventures over the summer and I really should write about all of those exciting moments. 
But for today I want to talk about bunk beds.  
I have never been a huge fan of bunk beds.  But they became a necessity in out last house trying to fit lots of girls into the space we had available.  Mostly they are just a pain to make and keep looking neat.  And I always worried about the littlest girls climbing up and not being able to get back down.  Plus it's a hassle for me to climb up and down if I wanted to read in bed with one of the girls or just give them a bedtime snuggle.  So I swore we would not bunk the beds in our new house, and that worked really well for almost a year.
About 6 months ago Sierra and Emma decided that they wanted to be in the same room and that they wanted to have their beds bunked so that there would be space in their room for the digital piano.  Wanting to encourage my children's efforts at cooperation and creativity, I agreed with this plan.  They are old enough that they can at least keep their own bunk beds made, and I don't really spend much time snuggling with them in bed anymore.  
I did not take into consideration, however, what happens when someone on the top bunk gets sick in the middle of the night and doesn't make it to the bathroom before she throws up.  Sierra woke up just long enough to throw up over the edge of her top bunk onto Emma's pillows and book that she sets next to her bed when she goes to sleep each night.  I woke up Sunday morning to clean up the aftermath.  Keep in mind that the farther liquid falls, the greater the splash at the bottom.  Not pleasant.  I really do not like bunk beds.  I'm sure you won't miss having a picture for this post.  


Erin L said...

oh no!!! not fun. i am sure emma did not appreciate that. gross!

Karianne said...

Ewww. I am really missing the picture of that. Ok, maybe not. Poor Seirra. Hope everyone is feeling better now!

eastcoastjen said...

EEEEEWWWWH, oh no! That nasty happened to two of our girls who were bunked and sharing a room. Except it hit hardwood floor and the splatter.....oh, the splatter. I'm pretty sure the entire floor was hit, along with a a touch on the blinds and walls.(DH would know for sure....HE cleaned it up) It was like a bomb went off. Needless to say....we haven't bunked since then.

Mom said...

I am so sorry! That was not fun I am sure!