Tuesday, September 13, 2011

I Used to Be Smart

Once upon a time I was considered a smart girl.  I took AP classes and graduated in the top 4 of my high school class and had a full tuition scholarship to college.  I got better grades than my husband in Organic Chemistry.  I graduated Summa Cum Laude with University Honors.  I got a near perfect score on the GRE's.  I got a Master's Degree and passed my licensing exams on the first try.  
And then I had children . . .  and gave them all of my brain cells.
And now they are all smart and I can't remember why I walked in a room or conversations DH swears we had, or how to spell "mentioned" (thank you spell check), or to put the yeast in the bread I was making for dinner.  
Ryan has to ask me daily if my estrogen levels are OK, or if I'm taking a B12 vitamin, convinced that my mental lapses are signs of some nutritional or hormonal deficiency.  

It couldn't be because today I am also trying to keep track of:

  • my 1/2 marathon training plan
  • feeding the dogs
  • 4 shifts of getting girls out the door to school
  • delivering chicken eggs to 4 neighbors
  • my eye appointment
  • a lunch date with DH 
  • picking Paisley up from preschool 
  • excavating Anya and Paisley's bedroom floor that hasn't been visible for a week
  • update from DH on 3 new clients at work
  • picking up 2 girls from school (with a reminder from 7 year old that she hates it when I am late-again)
  • starting dinner
  • putting a puzzle together with Paisley
  • changing the laundry
  • something for dessert for the cross country dinner
  • violin lesson for Anya
  • picking up Emma
  • taking Emma to Formal and Bridal to get her choir dress altered
  • getting new shoes for Emma before my $20 off coupon expires
  • getting Sierra to soccer practice
  • back to school night for Sierra
  • taking Lexi to cross country dinner and picking her up 2 hours later
  • helping Anya learn about regrouping addition
  • making sure everyone practiced their instruments
  • bathing Paisley and making sure she has her "itchy cream" and panties that aren't "uncomforble"
  • bedtime stories and prayers and signed homework and other school paperwork
  • changing the laundry again
Maybe it's really a wonder I only forgot the yeast.  


Erin L said...

I love you Kel. Sometimes it really is helpful to make a list of all the things you DID do instead of the things you need to do. It makes me feel a lot better about what didn't get done.

PS I still think you are smart.

Chad and Teri said...

WOW! I'd probably forget the yeast, too. Once I forgot the salt. I think most of that batch went into the garbage. Isn't it great to be smart so that you CAN keep track of all those things!

Karianne said...

LOVE IT. That's quite a list, both of your "brainy" accomplishments and your "remember today." When is the half marathon? I am thinking of doing a 5k the end of October. I just need to start running again.