Friday, September 5, 2008

Election '08

We have spent a lot of time this week listening to speeches and to reaction to speeches on talk radio.  We have really been impressed with Sarah Palin as McCain's choice for VP candidate.  First of all, she is from Alaska and you know Ryan immediately loves any connection to his favorite place in the world.  While a Republican, she seems to be first a conservative, and will stand up to the Republican establishment when she needs to.  She has a great grasp on energy policy, which will be a huge issue in the next administration, because Alaska has so many energy resources.  She is the most connected to the real American experience of anyone in the election, or of any recent elections.   She is pro-life and pro-family and believes in less government involvement in our day to day lives.  She has really added some life and energy to McCain's campaign, and has reassured the conservative base that they are being represented.  We also followed the Democratic convention, and I just can't get excited about Obama.  While he is all for change, which would be a good thing, I'm not sure higher taxes and more government programs will solve any of our current problems.  It will be an interesting couple of months.  


Anita said...

I too agree with your assessment of Gov. Sarah Palin. I have been very interested in this election since she was announced and can't read or hear enough about her. I think that she has the determination and courage to do in Washington what she has already done in the Great State of Alaska in the past few years. Andy really loves Alaska also. He spent 2 months last year flying a bush plane for a gold mine company last year there.

Quinn said...

You should take a look at my brother-in-law's blog. ( ) I thought I was re-reading what he had written when I read what you wrote. Sounds like she was a great choice for VP! I hope it helps enough to swing the votes for McCain.

Chad and Teri said...

I am also excited about her. My friend is a HUGE Obama fan, and I just can't see what is so fantastic about him. I'm excited to see how things go.