Friday, September 12, 2008

Look Who's 4!!

On Sunday we celebrated Anya's 4th birthday.  Her actual birthday was on Monday, but Ryan had to leave for a meeting in Chicago on Monday.  As noted in an earlier post, she has been obsessed with the American Girl, Kit, so she was excited to finally get Kit.  She loved her Barbie cake.  It's a good thing 4 year olds aren't too particular about the details-maybe someday I'll take a class and get some pointers on cake decorating.  Sometime around each girl's birthday we take them out for a special dinner date with just mom and dad.  We are looking forward to Burger King play place with Anya.  
Some things that make our 4 year old special--
She loves to color and do workbooks and is very careful with her coloring and crafts.  She amazed us with her skill at drawing a smiley face a few weeks ago in her church class, and can write most of her alphabet letters.
She is a real snuggle bug and loves to have someone snuggle with her at bedtime.
She has a great vocabulary and uses words that aren't common in preschool conversation.  
She likes to help take care of Paisley and brings her toys and gives her treats and picks her up.  
She is quick to forgive parents or siblings or friends who may hurt her feelings.   Everyone is her "best friend."  If you do something nice for Anya, she often says, "You're my best friend, you can come to my birthday."  If she doesn't like something someone says or does, she says, "You can't come to my birthday!"  
She is growing so much.  We love our Anya!


Wendy said...

anya and alex i'm sure could carry on quite the conversation. my friend is a speech pathologist and says that alex talks way above his age level. we look forward to seeing you guys sometime this winter.

Anita said...

Anya is an adorable girl! She is a real cutie! The cake looks wonderful to me and I can't see how you did the dress. Looks like you have it down pat. Do you make the cakes for all of your kids birthday's. I had a Barbie cake once for Madison's birthday when she turned 3 but I bought it at Albertsons. Way to go Kelli!

Chad and Teri said...

The cake looks great.. Someday I want to take a decorating class, too. I think its really fun to do.