Saturday, September 6, 2008

Junior High-by Christa

Just as a warning to all of you who are reading this, this is Christa writing this, not Kelli (Mom). 

So, as you may know, I "officially" started junior high this year. I am in 8th grade, but last year I homeschooled and went to the Treasure Valley Math and Science Center (TVMSC), where they teach advanced math and science classes. I am still at the math and science center this year as well. In the morning is when I have TVMSC. I take Accelerated Biology 9, Accelerated Algebra 2, and Statistics there. (For the second semester I will be taking Applied Research 1 instead of Statistics.) After TVMSC, then I go to my fourth period PE class at the junior high. (Second semester I will be taking health instead.) 5th period is lunch, after which I take Accelerated English 8. Then I have chamber choir (Esprit de Corps), which is the school's auditioned choir. Finally, I have world studies for 8th period. I like most of my teachers, especially my world studies teacher because she is really funny. My biology teacher seems to be a little strict and teaches more like a college professor would (at least my friends and I think so), but I think I will get a lot out of that class this year. I have several of my friends in my classes at TVMSC, and a few friends in all my other classes. But because I am taking so many advanced classes, I tend to have a bit more homework than most other students at the junior high.

In terms of extracurricular activities, I was planning on keeping this year a bit less busy, but I ended up with no such luck. I decided to do volleyball this year, and I was not expecting it to be so intense and rigorous. Practice lasts for an hour and a half after school every day unless it's a game day (our first game is on Monday!). I just stay after school working on my homework and practicing piano until volleyball starts. Despite the intensity, I still love the sport and am having tons of fun with it. But that is not all...  I am also involved in the school orchestra. Last year because I was homeschooling, I could come once a week and practice with the orchestra. The director loved having me in the orchestra a lot, but I really didn't want to take orchestra for my elective because I wanted to "expand my horizons". However, I got roped into the orchestra, so my friend and I are coming after school on Thursdays to practice the orchestra material with the conductor. So between orchestra and choir, we have many many performances in the school year. I will have to skip quite a few days of school to be with choir and orchestra at all their rehearsals and performances. In the spring especially, there are several days when I have to stay after school for two or three hours. On top of all this, I still am taking piano and violin lessons, along with attending Mutual every Wednesday and accepting the responsibilities that come with having five younger sisters. I am very grateful for Mom, the chauffeur of most of my crazy activities. I honestly don't know how I have time to even sleep!  I have little time for hanging out with friends, and almost no time to relax, except for on Sunday. Nevertheless, I am starting the school year off well (despite my annoying head cold that came about because of a sudden temperature drop) and I think this will be a great year for me. 


Chad and Teri said...

Christa, you are INSANE to be doing all of that. I hope it continues to go well, that you feel better, and you keep up the good work!

Karianne said...

Wow! That is busy. Aren't you taking any English classes? That seems odd to me. I thought English was required every year.

Kelli said...

check again in the first paragraph. i think I said i'm in accelerated english 8. it's just kinda tucked in there between everything else.

(by Christa)