Sunday, August 10, 2008


This weekend we went camping on Lake Cascade at Rainbow Point with some good friends, the Woodards. They rented a motorboat on Friday and the kids had a great time tubing and speeding around the lake. We did flood the engine at one point, and had to paddle back to shore, but that just made it all the more memorable. Saturday morning we woke up to thunder and lightening and rain, but it passed fairly quickly and we were able to eat breakfast and break camp without getting too wet, and then we went up to Tamarack Resort for a little hike, I had never been there before, and it really is a pretty setting. It will be an amazing resort if they can ever get the money to finish the planned construction. All of the girls are pretty happy campers, and even Paisley did well (until the car ride home, anyway.)

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like a fun vacation. Alyssa had such a fun time at your house. Thanks so much for letting her come and for going out of your way to get her home it was very appreciated. We will miss you all.
It is good to know in regards to your other post that all families have days they just can't seem to get along even when they have a mom like you who seems to be perfect in every way!