Sunday, August 10, 2008

Family Togetherness

Last weekend we did a whirlwind trip to Pocatello to drop off my neice who had been visiting for the week, then down to Utah to see Grandma and Grandpa Cole, then my mom's family reunion in Morgan, then back to Pocatello, then over to Rupert for my sister's baby's blessing, then back to Boise. We really enjoyed having Alyssa here for a few days with the girls, and wish we could see her more often. Thanks for letting her come, Lori! The girls always enjoy a trip to Grandma Cole's house and love playing with all the dolls she keeps around. I love going out to Morgan to my Grandparent's place. In all the moving around my family did growing up, it was the one constant. I don't know many of my cousins very well--there are 76 grandchildren, and over 100 great-grandchildren now--so it was good to re-connect with some of them, as well as my aunts and uncles who were there. It was my grandpa Noyes' 88th birthday, and you never know how much longer he'll hang on. He's always so glad to see us and always reminds us that the gospel is true and that he loves us. It was good to be there on Sunday for Erin's baby's blessing. Jack sure is growing quickly. It's neat to see her as a mom. She's such a natural. I love being close enough to family that we can be involved in these events.

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