Sunday, August 17, 2008

Twin Falls Temple

On Thursday afternoon we all piled in the suburban and headed over to Twin Falls to catch the temple open house. It is such a great opportunity for the girls to be in the temple and feel the Spirit there. Anya said, "Does the Holy Ghost live in the temple?" I was impressed that she would recognize that feeling and make that connection herself. It's a beautiful building and in many ways reminds me of the St. Paul temple, which was built when we were living in Minnesota and we were involved in the open house and dedication of that building. I was sure to point out the Bride's dressing room to the girls and remind them that when they are married, the temple is where they want to be. It's neat to see how they tie in the location with the building--the syringa throughout the glass, the mural of south central Idaho landmarks, and the waterfalls used in the landscaping. Next week we will be able to take some of the girls to the dedication broadcast.

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Chad and Teri said...

I'm totally behind, but Anya's hair is SO CUTE!! Although I could understand it being an emotional thing; her hair was so pretty!