Saturday, August 16, 2008

Meet Kit

Anya is currently obsessed with Kit Kittredge, the American Girl. I think it started with a mini Kit doll that a friend had. Anya was at her house and played with it about 4 months ago. She has talked about Kit ever since. One day she went around the house calling all the girls to a family meeting in the front room. When everyone was there, Anya said, "Now, let's have a family talk. We need to talk about American Girls. I really love Kit . . . ." When the Kit movie came out, of course we went to see it with all the girls, which just added fuel to the fire. We tried to get her interested in one of the other dolls--there's a cute one named Elizabeth Cole (Elizabeth is Anya's middle name so it would have been perfect), but she doesn't like Elizabeth, only Kit. The only thing she wants for her birthday next month is a Kit doll. A couple of weeks ago she decided she wanted her hair cut and every day she asked, "When can I get my hair cut like Kit's?" So I acquiesced on that point, too. I thought Ryan was going to cry when she came home, but it's cute.


Dawna said...

I think she's adorable! Hope you don't mind but Laura shared your blog address with me. It's very cute! But, that's no surprise - you have such a cute family to blog about!

Karianne said...

I can't believe you let her cut it! And that you didn't cry! It is very cute and probably will be much, much, much less work, but still. That's a lot of hair to cut.