Thursday, April 16, 2009


We enjoyed out Easter weekend.  Due to soccer games, we weren't able to participate in the neighborhood Easter egg hunts, but we did have out own version in the backyard.   We also had fun with a good old Paas egg dye kit.  Tomorrow it's time to make egg salad sandwiches I guess.   For Easter I get a bit obsessed about finding new dresses for all the girls.  I love to search for matching outfits.  However, a few times I have found things that match, only to find that certain children would never where the dress I picked out ever again.  So this year my dilemma was whether to find everyone something they liked, even if it didn't match, or to make sure we all matched, even if the girls didn't like it.  Well, I picked something they liked.  The three little girls coordinated pretty well, but the older ones didn't really.  In some years I've been really ambitious and made their dresses, but that gets time consuming when it's times 6 now.  We tried to talk more about Jesus than the Easter Bunny, so hopefully some of that sunk in.

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Karianne said...

Cute dresses, even if they don't match. Your girls still are gorgeous!