Thursday, April 16, 2009

My Hand

Thanks to all of you for your sympathy and offers of help while I was disabled!  So I took Paisley and Lexi in to see our family doctor for their immunizations and well visits last week.  While there I mentioned my encounter with Jack and showed him my right hand, which was still pretty tender and a bit swollen in one area.  Ryan and I had discussed the possibility that it could be broken, but I didn't have time or desire to go get an X-ray, make an appointment with an orthopedist, etc.   Dr. Kropf felt that it would be good to have the X-ray and at least know for sure what we were dealing with.  Luckily there's an imaging center in the same building as his office and he was able to send an order and I could get it done right away.  He called later to say that I did indeed have a fracture at the base of my 5th metacarpus (pinkie), right near where it meets the wrist bones.  He was even so good as to call the orthopedist and give him the history.  Given that it looked pretty stable, and that I was two weeks out already, they decided that I could just wear a wrist splint until I can go about my regular activities without much pain. I wore the splint for about 6 days until it just got annoying.  Thanks to daily prayers by Anya that "Mom's hand will get better" it feels mostly back to normal now.  The stitches have all healed beautifully and are just slightly tender if they get bumped just wrong.  Here's a picture of your hand bones, if you are looking at your right hand with the palm toward you.  The fracture is right about where you can see the red line that says "hamate" even though that's not the name of the bone.  Enjoy your anatomy lesson for the day.

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