Thursday, April 23, 2009


Tonight as I was tucking Anya into bed, she poked herself in the eye.  I said that eye were not for poking.  She said, "Eyes are for seeing.  And Mouths are for talking and eating.  And Ears are for hearing, and Noses are for sniffing, and Hair is for putting in accessories."  She is definitely the girly-girl.  
Paisley has learned this week to throw major tantrums when things don't quite go her way.  She drops to the floor and actually bangs her head on the ground a time or two until I feel enough sympathy to pick her up.  


becky said...

throwing temper tantrums? my children would NEVER do that.


Karianne said...

Seth has been throwing tantrums lately too. Every time he does it I think, "where'd that come from?" Anya makes me laugh. said...
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Anonymous said...

The comment about the hair was too ADORABLE!
I love the Easter pictures. The dresses all look great together. Alyssa was excited her and Lexi have the same one.
Ashlynn and Paisley should get together. The 2 of them could do some real damage together.