Thursday, April 16, 2009

Trouble with a capital . . . P

Doesn't this face look like she's up to something?  This little girl is busy busy busy.  She is weighing in at just barely over 2o lbs and 31 1/2 inches--following the long and skinny model of several of her sisters, and boy is she on the go.  I've seen similar posts on several blogs by those of you with a toddler in this age range--if she's not being constantly supervised, you can plan on a disaster in her wake.  Paisley's favorite perch is the middle of the kitchen table.  I came home from violin lessons the other night to find that she had climbed up there before it had been cleared off from dinner and decided to test gravity with a glass.  Luckily it had been emptied of juice before she pitched it to the floor.  She uses whatever she can find as a ladder. She likes to try to clean the toilet with the toilet brush and is particularly fond of the dishwasher as well. She has half of her 1 year old molars in and a snotty nose right now, so she's a bit more grumpy than usual. She doesn't sit still for more than about 30 seconds, unless I am in the shower.  The other day she was emptying the bathroom drawers, as usual when I'm taking my shower. I looked out and didn't see her anywhere until I looked right on the rug next to the shower.  With the soothing sound of the water running, she had put her head down right there and gone to sleep.  Cute!

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becky said...

And I thought little girls were so calm and sweet. Just imagine if Paisley was a boy! Then you'd really have your hands full.